Friday, 14 January 2011

Happy New Blog!

Well by popular demand (bullying & shame) I have landed!

Starting a blog can finally be ticked off my uber long list of New Year’s resolutions, which hopefully, I’ll stick to along with the rest of them. I have been a huge fan of my friend’s blogs for a long time. Rhi aka Rhi Mix who publishes “The Mixxture” here on blogspot and Kim aka Jane Doe who publishes on Tumbulr. I always look forward to getting my weekly fix, reading their thoughts and shenanigans which always brings a smile to my face. I feel the word stalking is a tad harsh, however technically this is what I do and I loves it!

I’m not too sure how the tone or layout of my blog is going to manifest, but I am a perfectionist and I’m sure that once I have found and adopted a style my blog will flow beautifully. I hope to ‘steal’ a few ideas along the way from my friends blogs, but obviously it will all be in my one of a kind uniqueness.

I’ve asked my best friend Rhi to lovingly design a banner/image for this blog as I love her dearly and she’s amazing at all things creative. Her blog is “the shit” with insightful musings of her life and fabulous photos to match. This will come sometime in the future as she is a very busy bee, deep in the archives of the Gwent Record Office, and not to be disturbed!

Kim lives in Cardiff (on her own which is scary, but I admire her so much) and is a fab architect. Her blog has a very different flavour, and some may wonder how we are friends (haha) however there are pieces she has written that have made my eyes swell with tears. I had no idea how deep a person she is. Love you Kim.

I have asked them both to right a small piece about me and to wish me luck on my bloggers voyage. So I guess I've cheated a little as my first post on this blog has really been written by them.

Dedicated to Rhiannon & Kimberley
Thank you ladies x

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